Frequently asked questions

Ticket Booking

Your health and safety remain our priority.To travel serenely and safely, we have implemented the following measures to comply with the recommendations issued by Public health authorities. To consult the list of measures taken, click here.

My child is 0 to 2 years old, do I need to buy him a ticket?

Children aged 0-2 must have a ticket in order to reserve a seat on our coaches. What’s more, since September 1, 2020, if the coach is equipped with seat belts, all passengers must buckle up properly. This means that children under 145 cm or 9 years of age must use a car seat that corresponds to their weight and height, to ensure that they are properly secured.

The ticket price is the equivalent of 50% of the regular fare (one way or round trip).

I don't know my return date, what can I do?

You can buy a FLEX ticket for a later date and then modify the date/time of your return once you know it. Click here to find out about ticket modification.

I’m travelling in over 4 months and I can’t buy a ticket, why?

It’s normal: our sales are limited to a 4-month timeframe because we change our schedules during the year.

No itinerary appears at my selected date, why?

The itinerary might be unavailable due to a specific event or a temporary service interruption.

I must take a trip that includes different carriers, what should I do?

If your trip is carried out on the Orléans Express and Intercar networks, you can buy your tickets on our website or through our Client Service.

If you trip includes a transfer between Orléans Express’ network and another carrier, you have to buy your tickets with each of the carriers.

How can I find $25 tickets?

Plan your trip at least 8 days in advance, you’ll have more chances to find them! And if you see one, don’t wait!

What methods of payment are accepted for ticket purchase?

Online payments: Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit cards.
At an Orléans Express agency: cash, debit card or Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
By phone (1-833-449-6444): Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit cards.

Can I buy an Orléans Express ticket for someone living in another city?

Yes, of course! You can buy it online or at an agency, by giving your email address, the ticket and invoice will be sent to you by email. Then, simply forward this email to the passenger.

What should I do if my destination does not appear in the list of cities served by Orléans Express?

Orléans Express might not serve your destination city, but another carrier might do. Please contact us at 1-833-449-6444 to enquire about fares and schedules to your destination city. In most cases, you will be able to buy a ticket and make a transfer.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my child?

Yes you have to, even if the child travels on your lap.

What is an electronic or a mobile ticket?

An mobile ticket is the ticket as it shows up on the mobile app and an electronic ticket is the PDF version of your ticket received by email. Our mobile app is free, convenient, and available on Android and iPhone!