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Our priority is to provide safe, reliable and efficient transit services to our passengers. Social distancing measures have been implemented on board vehicles and in stations, in line with the instructions issued by the public health.

Measures in place COVID-19

Our services work normally. See the measures in effect aboard our coaches and in the bus stations before you travel. Social distancing measures on board buses and in stations have been put in place. We invite you to respect the new measures deployed:

  • Wearing a mask* is mandatory during the whole trip;
  • Drivers do not wear masks when they are seated and their screen is closed. Once the bus is in motion, the screen is reopened and the driver must wear his/her mask at all times unless he/she is wearing glasses;
  • Seats surrounding the driver are not used in order to create a safe distance between him/her and the passengers;
  • Passengers must wash their hands with a disinfectant solution when boarding;
  • Children 12 and under traveling alone are no longer allowed to travel on the network until further notice;
  • Food is allowed on board, but in order to limit the risk of contagion by handling, we ask you to take all your garbage with you when you leave the bus and dispose of them safely as soon as you have access to a garbage can;
  • On-board toilets are accessible but it is suggested to limit its use when possible. A disinfectant dispenser is available inside the bathroom;
  • Passengers will drop off and pick up their luggage in the luggage compartment under the bus;
  • Bus capacity is now 24 passengers maximum. This means that we can accommodate two passengers per row, seated in the seats near the window on each side. People living at the same address will be able to sit on the same bench;
  • Anyone with symptoms related to Covid-19 will be denied access to our buses.
*Mandatory on board and during the trip for people 10 years and older. Recommended for children from 2 to 9 years old but not compulsory.



Reinforced cleaning in stations and buses

Although we already comply with a rigorous maintenance and cleaning process for our coaches fleet.

Payment methods

Due to the gradual resumption of our services, our points of sale are not yet reopened. This is why you must obtain your ticket online on our website or by phone via our customer service at 1-833-449-6444 (payment by credit card). We invite you to present your electronic ticket to the driver at the time of boarding in order to avoid any contact.

How can I modify my ticket?

Modification policies are not currently impacted by the situation. In this period of gradual resumption of our services, note that modification at the station will not be possible if the point of sale has not yet reopened. For more details, please click HERE.

  • online, log into your client account and click on the Modify my ticket button
  • by contacting the Client Service at 1-833-449-6444 (Toll Free)
  • through the online Contact Form
Can I get a refund

Refund policies are not currently impacted by the situation.


If you bought a ticket for which the journey was canceled, you can now be refunded with the help of our customer service reachable at 1-833-449-6444.

Reminder on the practices to apply

In order to avoid the spread of the virus, it is recommended to practise frequent hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing etiquette.

To find out about all the advice that can help reduce the risk of infection, click here.

Useful resources

We encourage our customers to stay informed about the facts surrounding COVID-19 and recommend the following links to qualified authorities:

The Public Health Agency of Canada. Read more

INSPQ – Public health expertise and reference centre. Read more


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