Travel Tips

Arrive in advance

If you already have your ticket, simply show up 15 minutes before departure. Otherwise, allow yourself 30 minutes to have enough time to buy it. Keep in mind that tickets are sold according to availability and that, close to departure time, the bus might already be full.

Use your phone to board

Let’s save paper! Show your electronic ticket to board: the PDF version received by email or the one located in your mobile app.

Find the best prices between Montréal and Québec

If you travel between Montréal and Québec, book at least 8 days in advance to get the best prices!

Enjoy the view

At Orléans Express, we choose not to cover the windows of our buses so that you can enjoy the scenery! Use #OrleansExpress to share your landscape pictures!

Dress comfortably

Our coaches are air-conditioned. Comfy clothes are key elements of a relaxing trip!

Pack something to eat

Sandwich, drinks, cookies? Fuel up! A journey is always more enjoyable with something to snack on!

Download beforehand

Download movies, games and videos beforehand. They will make your trip more entertaining!

Take a relaxing nap

Are you taking a long trip? Don’t hesitate to pack a pillow and a blanket!

Pack fun stuff

Don’t forget to pack books, travel guides, magazines or games to stay entertained!

Don’t forget your chargers

All our coaches are equipped with individual electrical outlets.

Use headphones

If you want to watch videos, think about your neighbors who might want to take a nap, so put your headphones on!

Plug yourself in

On top of our individual electrical outlets, some of our buses are now equipped with USB ports! Convenient to charge your cell and tablet!