Terms & Conditions

Delayed departure and out of our control event

The dates and times that appear on our website, in our brochures or in other sources do not constitute guarantees, and are not part of the contract. Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Passengers are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of a missed transfer. Orléans Express does not offer any compensation for inconveniences or time lost resulting from a change in the schedule or the late arrival of a coach. Orléans Express clients acknowledge that Orléans Express cannot be held responsible for losses or damages suffered by a client as a result of delays or missed transfers caused by weather conditions, road conditions, breakage, mistakes in timetables or any other failure to fulfill its obligations on the part of Orléans Express resulting from any act of God or fortuitous event.

In case of a service interruption of the ticketing system (online, in agencies or at the Client Service), the promotional tickets are temporarily unavailable. In this case, only manual tickets at regular price can be sold, these tickets will be available in agencies only. Orléans Express cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss resulting from this service interruption and no compensation can be requested subsequently. If possible, we invite you to wait until our system returns to normal to purchase your ticket in order to benefit from a reserved ticket.

Compensation Protocol – Cancellation of accessible transportation reserved for a person in a wheelchair

Orléans Express will do everything in its power to provide with an accessible bus to its passengers in a wheelchair. Despite all our preventive efforts, it is possible that mechanical or equipment failures may occur and prevent us from offering the service as booked. As the number of accessible buses is limited, it may not be possible for us to replace the broken accessible vehicle with another lift-equipped platform’ s vehicle. As soon as a problem is known, measures are taken to contact the affected customers.

It will be possible to request for a compensation via our customer service if:

  • You are in a wheelchair and you have booked an accessible bus for your trip.
  • Orléans Express has the obligation to cancel the service requested because of breakage within 12 hours or less before the bus leaves.
  • Orléans Express has no other readily available accessible vehicle to replace the broken one within a reasonable time and must use a regular bus.
  • You purchased your bus ticket before being informed of the cancellation.
  • You travel in a motorized wheelchair or a scooter, that weighs more than 75 pounds (34 Kg) and cannot be safely stored in the luggage compartment.
  • Your condition does not allow you to board a regular bus alone using the steps or with the help of your accompanying person.

Under these conditions, Orléans Express is committed to reimburse you, upon justifying documents, the cost of an adapted taxi for the same trip as the purchased ticket. Only those portions of your trip that cannot be operated with an accessible bus are eligible for this compensation. Orléans Express will notify you as soon as it can resume its accessible bus service.