Mobility-impaired Passengers

Service dogs


Pets are not allowed onboard, but service dogs are permitted because they play an essential role for their owners – we therefore always have space for them.

How do you recognize a guide dog or assistance dog in Quebec?

  • The service dog must be well identified by the colors or logo of a recognized organization.
    For example:
    – the dog harness with the Mira Foundation logo on it;
    – the Lions Foundation necklace;
    – the dog jacket with the PACCK Foundation logo;
  • The owner must prove that the dog has received proper training. He must be able to present on request the dog’s identity card on which we find the name of the organization, the dog owner’s name and a picture of the dog.

List of recognized organizations* that we authorize:

  • National Service Dogs
  • Lions Foundation of Canada
  • Mira Foundation
  • PACCK Foundation
  • Canadian Guide Dogs for the blind
  • Cope service dog
  • Autism dog services


*Other organizations might be authorized if it meets the criteria above.

It is not possible to book a seat for a service dog. Your dog must travel lying on the floor. Once your ticket purchased, we invite you to contact us to request a priority boarding so that we can give you more space if possible, depending on seat availability. The seat next to yours will be the last one to be assigned to another passenger. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that it will remain empty, especially during peak periods where the coach might be full.