Are you travelling soon? Here’s a few tips to travel worry-free!


Tip #1

Book your ticket in advance
Your reservation guarantees you a seat on board on the departure of your choice and our online ticketing allows you to buy a ticket 24/7 in a few clicks! Did you know on that some routes such as, for example, Montréal-Québec, the earlier you book, the more chances you have to get promo fares!

Tip #2

Make sure you bought the right ticket
Once your purchase is completed, take a few minutes to verify the information written on your ticket. Check your departure and arrival terminals, the date and time of departure, the name and status of the passenger, as well as the conditions of the ticket. If you see any error, let us know as soon as possible!

Tip #3

Modify your reservation if your plans change
To find out if your ticket is exchangeable, simply check the conditions written on it. It it is the case, it means that you can modify the date and/or time of departure. You have to do it before departure time though, because at this moment, your ticket expires.

Tip #4

Pack your bags
You are allowed 2 pieces of checked baggage and 1 carry-on bag that you can keep close to you during the trip. We recommend you to keep in your carry-on your money, important documents, medication and any fragile or valuable item. Identify all your bags with your name, address and phone number so that we can contact you quickly if needed.

Tip #5

Arrive early
Your seat is guaranteed but the choice of the actual seat aboard the coach is according to the first come, first served basis. We recommend you to arrive between 15 to 30 minutes before departure to have the time to find your coach, load you bags and pick your seat stress-free. This is especially relevant if you travel with multiple persons or with children!

Tip #6

Travel on the date and time indicated on your ticket
Your seat is reserved so make sure to travel on the date and time stated on your ticket and bring a photo ID with you. Did you know that, upon boarding, you can also show the driver your e-ticket on the screen of your smartphone? Papier tickets still work but are no longer necessary!

Tip #7

Use your Orléans Express client account
It’s all for you! Your account allows you to gather all your tickets, invoices, Express Meter points and to modify your reservations if needed. When buying through your client account, the unused refundable tickets are eligible to a credit applicable on your next ticket purchase. The account also allows us to communicate with you, in case of a schedule change for example. If you don’t have one yet, we invite you to create one! It’s fast, easy and free!

Tip #8

Collect Express Meter points
Did you know that every ticket purchased through your client account gives you one Express Meter point? Once you reach 10, you get a free Orléans Express ticket towards the destination of your choice! Certain conditions apply.

Tip # 9

Download the Orléans Express mobile app
It’s free and available on Android and iPhone. The app allows you to buy and modify your tickets in a few clicks and to view your ticket and bills at all times. Easy as pie!