Terms & Conditions

Rules on board


Please show your ticket and a valid photo ID upon boarding.

Right to refuse

Orléans Express reserves the right to refuse someone from boarding or accessing its agencies, if their behaviour, language or level of intoxication (alcohol, drugs, etc.) are likely to offend passengers or Orléans Express representatives, or constitute a threat to the safety of the passengers, the driver or Orléans Express representatives. If the right to refuse is exercised during a trip, the remainder of the trip cannot be refunded and any ticket purchase is at the expense of the client.
Orleans Express reserves the right to refuse boarding if proscribed objects are detected

Alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis

In accordance with the law, smoking (conventional or electronic cigarettes or cannabis), alcohol consumption and cannabis are prohibited on board. For everyone’s comfort and safety, we reserve the right to refuse access to the coach to any intoxicated passenger.


Out of respect for our passengers, we reserve the right to refuse strong smelling food on board (especially hot meals).

Wi-fi service

Free Wi-Fi is offered onboard. Designed for roaming purposes, the bandwidth is shared by all passengers. Therefore, to ensure reliable service and adequate performance for all Wi-Fi users, we reserve the right to deny access to video streaming sites and to limit bandwidth use. The download limit is 200 MB and the upload limit is 200 MB per user every 6 hours. Moreover, it is prohibited to view sites whose content is deemed inappropriate or simply illegal.

Liability limits

Orléans Express provides passengers with a complimentary Wi-Fi access, however, the service is offered as is and without guarantee. Orléans Express cannot be held responsible for consequences linked to an interruption of service or damages resulting from Wi-Fi use or access, including any damage or virus that could infect your device. Orléans Express does everything it its power to transport passengers aboard coaches that all feature similar quality standards. However, in exceptional cases, the company has to rent additional vehicles and these vehicles may not be equipped with Wi-Fi. Orléans Express cannot be held responsible for any technical deficiencies preventing Wi-Fi access or the lack to Wi-Fi equipment aboard a vehicle and no compensation can be requested subsequently.

Electronic devices

Electronic devices are permitted on board except in the first two front rows to avoid impeding the driver. Please limit your phone calls, turn your cellphone on silent and use headphones.

During the trip

For safety reasons, we advise all passengers, including children, to limit their movements in the central aisle of the coach. Out of respect for your neighbors, please speak softly.


Animals are not allowed on board our coaches except for guide dogs and assistance dogs trained by a recognized organization: they meet essential needs and therefore still have their place among us.

The assistance dog and the guide dog are recognized as a means of alleviating a handicap.

How do you recognize a guide dog or assistance dog in Quebec?

– the dog harness with the Mira Foundation logo on it;
– the Lions Foundation necklace;
– the dog jacket with the PACCK Foundation logo;

The dog owner also holds a letter or certificate issued by the training school.

List of recognized organizations that we authorize:

– National Service Dogs
– Lions Foundation of Canada
– Mira Foundation
– PACCK Foundation
– Canadian Guide Dogs for the blind
– Cope service dog
– Autism dog services

Video recording on board

The use of videoprotection on board our coaches is done in compliance with the law. It is justified by security concerns. It offers constant protection for all passengers and our drivers. The images are kept for a maximum of 30 days. In the event of an incident only, the videos are viewed by the company’s managers for verications purposes.