Frequently asked questions

Travel Tips

Which destinations are currently served?

Search for a trip in order to consult our list of destinations.

What are the new measures to abroad?

In order to allow you to travel in complete safety, we have set up certain conditions to adapt before boarding.

You can visit our ” New measures “  page to find out more.

If you notice symptoms before and during the trip, please keep the driver informed so that he can make the necessary arrangements for you.

How many pieces of baggage am I allowed?

You can travel with 2 pieces of checked baggage and one carry-on. The carry-on must fit into the overhead compartment.

Weight of checked baggage: up to 34 kg (75 lbs)
Dimensions of checked baggage: up to 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm (24’′ x 24’′ x 36’′)

Can I make stops along the way?

No, our system is designed to offer you the fastest schedule to your destination. If you wish to stop along the way, you must purchase tickets for each segment of your trip.

I travel in a wheelchair, what should I do?

If you travel in a wheelchair, please identify your need:

  • if you can board through the steps and if you have a manual wheelchair, you can travel on the departure of your choice. We will put your wheelchair in the baggage hold.
  • if you need an lift-equipped accessible coach, you must submit a request at least 3 business days before the departure date. To do so, simply fill the request form (accessible transport section), or contact our Client Service team at 1-833-449-6444.

Click here for more information.

I purchased a ticket online and I did not keep the confirmation email. How can I access my ticket and print it?

If you purchased your ticket through your client account, simply log into your account to download your ticket.

If you do not have a client account, please contact our Client Service at 1-833-449-6444.

For your upcoming trips, we invite you to create a client account and to download our app. It’s easy, convenient and free! It’s also the best way to access your tickets anytime.

Can I bring an animal or pet along for the ride?

Pets are not allowed onboard, but service dogs are permitted because they play an essential role for their owners – we therefore always have space for them.

I haven't printed my ticket, can I board?

Of course! If you have a smartphone, simply show your mobile or electronic ticket (the PDF received by email or the ticket located in the mobile app) to the driver. If you do not have a smartphone, you can have your ticket printed out at one of our points of sale upon presentation of a photo ID.

A reserved seat, what does that mean?

It is the guarantee of having a seat on the coach. Upon boarding the coach, you can choose your actual seat.

I'm a student, what proof should I present?

You must be a full-time student. Student aged 13 to 17 have to show a valid ID. Students 18 to 25 years old must show a valid student card. When purchasing tickets online and upon boarding the coach, you must present your ID or student card. Digital student cards are accepted if: the student is full-time, and a photo can identify him.

I'm a foreign student, can I benefit from student fares in Québec?

Students aged 13 to 17 can show a valid ID. Students aged 18 or older must carry the ISIC card.

How can I travel with a bicycle?

Transportation fees for a bicycle are $6 (plus taxes and packaging cost) for a one-way trip. These fees apply imperatively.

Go to the Expedibus service counter and dismantle your bike (front wheel removed and handle bar turned in).

You must pack your bike (package box at $14 plus taxes). If you own a folding bicycle, you can use your own carrying case.

Get your bicycle back upon arrival at destination.

In case of a transfer, the bicycle will be shipped through the Expedibus shipping service and the driver will be responsible for transferring it.

We do our best to place your bicycle on the same coach as you. However, it could be placed in another vehicle or on a later departure, depending on the space available. If it is the case, you will then be able to retrieve it at the Expedibus counter of your destination terminal.

You can also travel with a multifunctional child bike trailer at the additional cost of fee of $6 (one-way, plus taxes).

I heard about Expedibus, what is it?

Expedibus is one of the main intercity courier services in Québec and also allows you to travel with a bike! Expedibus offers you a reliable and timely service 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to carry all your packages throughout the province and to the rest of Canada, thanks to a national network linked to other Canadian carriers. To find out more, visit the Expedibus website.