Exchange and refund

Ticket modification

Only dates and departure times can be modified. Please refer to the conditions indicated on your ticket to find out if it is modifiable.

To modify a ticket, the portion of the ticket to be modified must be totally unused. By portion of a ticket, we mean the whole one-way and/or the whole round trip. At departure time, the ticket expires automatically and cannot be credited or refunded.

Modifiable ticket

If the ticket is modifiable and if the request is submitted before departure time, it can be modified at no cost. Please note that the modification conditions of a ticket bought with a promo code can be different.

How can I modify my ticket?

  • online, log into your client account and click on the Modify my ticket button
  • through the Contact Form
  • in person, by visiting an Orléans Express agency

Changing the name of the passenger is not permitted. In this case, the ticket purchased originally must be refunded according to the above mentioned conditions and a new ticket must be purchased.