Travel for free thanks to the Orléans Express social hub


We’re happy to introduce our brand new social hub. It will allow you to travel for free on the Orléans Express network in no time! Log into your Orléans Express account to find out more!

Click, Read, Share And be rewarded!


Visit the social platform, share articles that you find interesting on your social networks and get Share Points. Earn even more Share points when your friends interact with the article – when they like it, share it, comment and so on.

For example:
Upon sharing one article, you get 8 Like and one comment from your network = 100 points¹.
You’ll soon reach  1000 points = 1 FREE TRIP!!!

In January 2017, your Share points will be converted into free trips². One free trip will be allocated for every increment of 1000 points, up to a maximum of 3 trips per person.

Point Allocation Details
Share  10
Reshare  10
Like, comment, click  10

Share  10
Like, comment, click   10

Share  10
Retweet  10
Like, reply, click  10

¹The values given above are examples only.
²Every portion of 100 Share points equals 1 Express Meter point. Get one free trip with 10 Express Meter points, the initial Orléans Express reward program.
Erratum : the point value has been modified on October 28, 2016. Click here for more details about the Terms and Conditions of the social hub.

Here’s how the Social Hub works. You’ll see, it’s pretty simple!

  • To start, login to your Orleans Express account (My Account) and click on the Enter the hub button.

Orléans Express social hub

  • Upon your first connection, you will be taken through a few steps to get started.
  • Following these steps you will enter the hub. There you can share articles that you find interesting on your social networks. The hub will post them for you automatically. If you have used the scheduling function, it will post it at the selected time.

Orléans Express social hub

  • Hover over your name in the top right corner to access your calendar, to link or unlink your social networks, or to change your settings.
  • Click on the Leaderboard tab to see how many points you’ve earned and view the top performers.
  • To personalize a post, click on the pencil icon, modify the text and click on the Save button. Then share the article.

Ready to go?  Start sharing and earn points towards free trips!