Québec – Longueuil
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-20% on roundtrips

-40% for children aged 5 to 12

-15% for students

-15% for seniors

Free Wi-Fi

2 pieces of checked baggage,
1 carry-on

Reduced-mobility accessibility

Individual electrical outlets

17 daily departures in both directions

  • Québec (centre-ville)

    Address: 320, Rue Abraham-Martin, Québec, QC  G1K 8N2

    Phone: (418) 525-3000

  • Longueuil

    Address: 120, Place Charles-Lemoyne, Longueuil, QC  J4K 2T4

    Phone: 450-670-3422

Bus Québec-Longueuil

As you may have noticed, the goal of many of the attractions in Quebec is to teach you more about the 400-year old city. It only makes sense since the quarter with the European flair hiding behind the ancient XVII century fortifications were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 1985. However, if you want to get away from the historical scene to take advantage of an urban, modern vacation, then the attractions in Longueuil should be of great interest to you.

To get to the station in Longueuil, climb aboard our Longueuil coach today. You will find it ready and waiting at the Quebec terminal.

Longueuil, the most urban sector in Montérégie
Once you exit our coach from Quebec, you will be impressed by the many skyscrapers and the beautiful view of the magnificent city of Montreal. Take our Quebec-Longueuil bus at night and you will be able to admire the metropolis as it shines brightly in the night sky! Head over to the St-Hubert airport to see a fantastic aerial spectacle or give in to your sweet tooth at the Rive-Sud Chocolaterie!

Don’t forget to visit the Co-Cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue, a breathtakingly splendid monument.

And what if we were to tell you that we offer the best solution?
Choosing the Quebec-Longueuil coach is a way to make sure you get the best prices in North America, but also that you make the eco-friendly choice. In fact, carpooling from Quebec to Longueuil, although practical, is nevertheless far from being green since we calculate 136 kg of polluting emissions per person. That’s 18 times more than our Quebec and Longueuil buses emit as they have to respect very strict standards.

By reducing the number of polluting cars on the road, the Quebec-Longueuil coach also helps to preserve the environment. However, this method of inter-city transportation has one major draw-back: the price of a ticket is exorbitant. For a similar trip by train, you should count on spending twice the money that you would pay by choosing Orléans Express!

Since they are more affordable and eco-friendlier, our Quebec-Longueuil coach is a winning choice!

Quick tips for travelling by bus
Arrive in advance
If you already have your ticket, simply show up 15 minutes before departure. Otherwise, allow yourself 30 minutes to have enough time to buy it.
Use your phone to board
Let’s save paper! Show your electronic ticket to board:
Enjoy the view
At Orléans Express, we choose not to cover the windows of our buses so that you can enjoy the scenery!
Dress comfortably
Our coaches are air-conditioned. Comfy clothes are key elements of a relaxing trip!
Pack something to eat
Sandwich, drinks, cookies? Fuel up! A journey is always more enjoyable with something to snack on!
Plug yourself in
On top of our individual electrical outlets, some of our buses are now equipped with USB ports! Convenient to charge your cell and tablet!
Take a relaxing nap
Are you taking a long trip? Don’t hesitate to pack a pillow and a blanket!
Pack fun stuff
Don’t forget to pack books, travel guides, magazines or games to stay entertained!
The trip between Québec and Longueuil lasts 2h55
247 km between Québec and Longueuil