Québec – Gaspé
from 120$

Book at least 8 days in advance
to find best prices


-20% on roundtrips

-40% for children aged 5 to 12

-15% for students

-15% for seniors

Free Wi-Fi

2 pieces of checked baggage,
1 carry-on

Reduced-mobility accessibility

Individual electrical outlets

1 daily departure in both directions

  • Québec (centre-ville)

    Address: 320, Rue Abraham-Martin, Québec, QC  G1K 8N2

    Phone: (418) 525-3000

  • Gaspé

    Address: 20, Rue Adams, Gaspé, QC  G4X 2R8

    Phone: (418) 368-1888

Bus Québec-Gaspé

As well as taking advantage of Quebec’s summer attractions, you should make sure to head out to the region of the Gaspésie thanks to our Quebec-Gaspé coach. Once you arrive at the Gaspé coach terminal, you will immediately realize that there are plenty of attractions in Gaspé. The best way to get there is to head to the Quebec coach terminal to take our bus towards Gaspé and have the best trip possible thanks to our Wi-Fi access.

When your trip comes to an end, our Quebec bus will be there to bring you home safely and securely.

Discover the natural beauty of the Gaspé peninsula
When you take our bus to Gaspé, you will have the unique opportunity of discovering this municipality in the region of Gaspésie that first welcomed Jacques Cartier in July 1534. Admire the replica of the original cross that was erected by the explorer when he first discovered the Gulf of the St-Lawrence. Before taking the bus back to Quebec, make sure to visit the interpretation centre that details the Micmac way of life in 1675 as well as the fascinating Gaspésie museum.

You can trust Orléans Express with your family vacations
As well as being more practical than ride-sharing from Quebec to Gaspésie, our Quebec-Gaspé coach is also more affordable than the Quebec-Gaspé train. For less than $100, you can travel with peace of mind in the unique comfort of our seats that have been upholstered with high-end fabrics. There will be no need to worry about traffic, accidents or running out of gas since we make sure your travel is complete safety.

The eco-friendly way to travel
The health of the planet is important to you and you are always finding ways to conserve, right? Well Orléans Express invites you to travel responsibly by opting for our Quebec-Gaspé coach when taking your family vacations. Reduce the number of cars on the highway (and therefore reduce harmful emissions), by choosing to travel by coach, the greenest method of transportation in the country.

To head out to the marvellous region of the Gaspésie, put your trust in our Quebec-Gaspé coach.

Quick tips for travelling by bus
Arrive in advance
If you already have your ticket, simply show up 15 minutes before departure. Otherwise, allow yourself 30 minutes to have enough time to buy it.
Use your phone to board
Let’s save paper! Show your electronic ticket to board:
Enjoy the view
At Orléans Express, we choose not to cover the windows of our buses so that you can enjoy the scenery!
Dress comfortably
Our coaches are air-conditioned. Comfy clothes are key elements of a relaxing trip!
Pack something to eat
Sandwich, drinks, cookies? Fuel up! A journey is always more enjoyable with something to snack on!
Plug yourself in
On top of our individual electrical outlets, some of our buses are now equipped with USB ports! Convenient to charge your cell and tablet!
Take a relaxing nap
Are you taking a long trip? Don’t hesitate to pack a pillow and a blanket!
Pack fun stuff
Don’t forget to pack books, travel guides, magazines or games to stay entertained!