Longueuil – Sainte-Foy
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-20% on roundtrips

-40% for children aged 5 to 12

-15% for students

-15% for seniors

Free Wi-Fi

2 pieces of checked baggage,
1 carry-on

Reduced-mobility accessibility

Individual electrical outlets

17 daily departures in both directions

  • Longueuil

    Address: 120, Place Charles-Lemoyne, Longueuil, QC  J4K 2T4

    Phone: 450-670-3422

  • Québec (Sainte-Foy)

    Address: 3001, Chemin-des-Quatre-Bourgeois, Québec (Sainte-Foy), QC  G1V 4E9

    Phone: 418-650-0087

Bus Longueuil-Ste-Foy

As you probably already know, there are many various attractions in Longueuil that suit all ages and tastes. You can take a hike in the forest to breathe in the fresh air or discover the blue sky above when you take a helicopter tour. But did you know that there are attractions in Ste-Foy, the wonderful neighborhood located in the National Capital region, that are also worth the detour?

Head right over to the Longueuil terminal and jump on our bus from Longueuil to the Ste-Foy station! Thanks to the Orléans Express Longueuil-Ste-Foy coach, you will be able to experience a unique and enriching adventure only steps from a location that was the site of a famous battle.

Ste-Foy, activities for the whole family
Once you step off the Longueuil-Ste-Foy bus, take the time you need to admire the historic area that stretches out before you. After all, this richly historical location, where the Jesuits were welcomed in 1638 for their Notre-Dame-de-Foy mission, has witnessed an incredible history over the past four centuries. Now it is time to say farewell to our Ste-Foy bus because it is time to begin another adventure!

Check out the Moulin des Jésuites, an impressive historic site that dates back to 1742, then savour a delicious ice cider at the Domaine Steinbach Cidrerie. A stop at Halte Miel is essential, make sure to taste-test some chocolates, candies and ice creams that are all honey-based. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and our Longueuil-Ste-Foy bus is super comfortable and modern to bring you home in style!

Chose an economical and ecological mode of transportation
Did you know that carpooling from Longueuil to Ste-Foy, although practical, is a very polluting mode of transportation? In fact, more than 136 kg of CO2 are released per person in the car! The Longueuil-Ste-Foy train is not really the best solution, because, even if it is greener and quicker, it is still extremely expensive.

The best solution is still definitely our Longueuil-Ste-Foy coach service. In fact, our bus from Longueuil and our bus from Ste-Foy release half the greenhouse gases that cars do.

Quick tips for travelling by bus
Arrive in advance
If you already have your ticket, simply show up 15 minutes before departure. Otherwise, allow yourself 30 minutes to have enough time to buy it.
Use your phone to board
Let’s save paper! Show your electronic ticket to board:
Enjoy the view
At Orléans Express, we choose not to cover the windows of our buses so that you can enjoy the scenery!
Dress comfortably
Our coaches are air-conditioned. Comfy clothes are key elements of a relaxing trip!
Pack something to eat
Sandwich, drinks, cookies? Fuel up! A journey is always more enjoyable with something to snack on!
Plug yourself in
On top of our individual electrical outlets, some of our buses are now equipped with USB ports! Convenient to charge your cell and tablet!
Take a relaxing nap
Are you taking a long trip? Don’t hesitate to pack a pillow and a blanket!
Pack fun stuff
Don’t forget to pack books, travel guides, magazines or games to stay entertained!
The trip in bus between Longueuil and Québec lasts 2h55
247 km
247 km between Longueuil and Québec