Longueuil – Québec
from 25$

Book at least 8 days in advance
to find best prices


-20% on roundtrips

-40% for children aged 5 to 12

-15% for students

-15% for seniors

Free Wi-Fi

2 pieces of checked baggage,
1 carry-on

Reduced-mobility accessibility

Individual electrical outlets

17 daily departures in both directions

  • Longueuil

    Address: 120, Place Charles-Lemoyne, Longueuil, QC  J4K 2T4

    Phone: 450-670-3422

  • Québec (centre-ville)

    Address: 320, Rue Abraham-Martin, Québec, QC  G1K 8N2

    Phone: (418) 525-3000

Bus Longueuil-Québec

Are you fed up with talking to strangers on your Longueuil-Quebec carpool? Do you find that the Longueuil-Quebec train trips are extremely expensive and you need to find a cheaper alternative? At Orléans Express we have the ideal solution for you: our Longueuil-Quebec bus.

Safe, reliable and economical, our coaches from Longueuil and our coaches from Quebec are adapted to meet all your needs. Electrical outlets, Wi-Fi access and toilets are all at your disposal for the entire trip. The large space to stretch your legs and the leather-covered reclining seats that we offer on our Longueuil-Quebec coach will guarantee you an incredible comfort.

Do you feel like putting your work aside for a couple of hours? You should know that the attractions in Quebec are numerous and fascinating; you’ll learn much more about the history of our province. Museums, historical sites and Expo centres offer a large range of francophone culture in America; take a tour of the Château Frontenac.

The attractions in Longueuil have their own bit of history! Of a breathtaking beauty and richness, the Co-Cathedral Saint-Antoine de Padoue is more or less a crown in the crown of Quebec’s religious heritage. If you are nature-lovers, you will find what you’re looking for in the Marie-Victorin Park that offers a panoramic view of the Saint-Lawrence.
Thanks to our Longueuil-Quebec coaches, all these activities are now close at hand!

Whether it is for a family trip or for work, the Longueuil coach and the Quebec coach are the best choice for transportation. Thanks to Orléans Express, you will be brought from the station in Longueuil to the one in Quebec and vice versa, and this, without any effort on your part.

All our Longueuil-Quebec coaches have high standards when it comes to the environment. In fact, we apply strict norms in order to reduce emissions of green house gases. What’s more, it’s been proven that using inter-city transportation is the most efficient means to reduce the number of pollution producing vehicles on our roads.

For a trip that is quick and comfortable, choose our Longueuil and our Quebec bus!

Quick tips for travelling by bus
Arrive in advance
If you already have your ticket, simply show up 15 minutes before departure. Otherwise, allow yourself 30 minutes to have enough time to buy it.
Use your phone to board
Let’s save paper! Show your electronic ticket to board:
Enjoy the view
At Orléans Express, we choose not to cover the windows of our buses so that you can enjoy the scenery!
Dress comfortably
Our coaches are air-conditioned. Comfy clothes are key elements of a relaxing trip!
Pack something to eat
Sandwich, drinks, cookies? Fuel up! A journey is always more enjoyable with something to snack on!
Plug yourself in
On top of our individual electrical outlets, some of our buses are now equipped with USB ports! Convenient to charge your cell and tablet!
Take a relaxing nap
Are you taking a long trip? Don’t hesitate to pack a pillow and a blanket!
Pack fun stuff
Don’t forget to pack books, travel guides, magazines or games to stay entertained!
The trip in bus between Longueuil and Québec Sainte Foy last 2h30
236 km
236 km between Longueuil and Québec Sainte Foy