An update about… sustainable development


Our expertise is established and recognized

The mission of Orléans Express is to transport passengers. This mission confers us a key role in protecting the environment and fighting against climate change. This is why, over 10 years ago already, we made a strong commitment to reduce our energy consumption.

We believe in concrete and sustainable measures like…

application Orléans ExpressNew technologies
Digital technologies are little by little revolutionizing public transports. Our mobile app (left image) makes boarding easy and helps the environment as well! Indeed, you can simply show the driver your e-ticket on your smartphone screen!

At Orléans Express, everyone is committed! For example, since 2012, our drivers practice eco-driving, which allows to reduce fuel consumption. Eco-driving is good for the planet and is also safer!

Reducing our water consumption
We reduce our water consumption by recycling rain water and waste water. For example, the coach wash of our maintenance facilities in Repentigny and Terrebonne are equipped with a system that consumes two times less water.

Reducing our electricity and fuel consumption
We adopt new lighting and heating habits. Our Montréal maintenance facility is equipped with lighting bulbs that have 100% prolonged lifetime. This only reduces our annual electricity consumption by 25%. We reduce our fuel consumption with different equipment and technologies, such as oversized tires (allowing a coach to have fewer tires) or by installing energy-friendly motors on our coaches (our consumption has reduced from 41L/100 km to 33L/100 km since 2010).

We recycle paper and cardboard in all our maintenance facilities, coach terminals and offices.
We donate unclaimed lost and found items to charity and social reintegration organizations.
We return coach batteries to the manufacturers so they can reuse them.
We recycle coach brake parts and used batteries, and we buy refurbished mechanical parts to repair vehicles.

Reducing waste
We reduced our fleet of printers by 70% in administrative offices, put biodegradable garbage bags aboard our vehicles and use biodegradable cleaning products to clean them.

Collaborating with different official partners
We strive to apply environmental protection laws and rules. For example, in 1997, we bought a contaminated land to the City of Montréal, within a pilot project run by the City and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Parks. This land has since been rehabilitated into a maintenance facility.

The Clé Verte Certification
In July 2011, Orléans Express was the first company in Québec to receive a Clé Verte Certification, which is an environmental certification for automobile service workshops.

All these actions are significant collective steps towards a better protection of the environment for future generations!